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Working from home: benefits and drawbacks

Are you wondering if it’s better for you to be working from home? Would it be more comfortable, would it reduce your stress level and your exhaustion? Would you thus be able to spend more time with your child? Are you facing such a decision and don’t know what to choose? In order to make you see things more clearly, I made a list with the benefits and drawbacks of working at home. I hope you will find it useful and it will help you choose what suits you best.


(1) If the office itself usually makes you rather unproductive, working from home may turn out to be a whole lot better working place for you. You could easily indulge yourself and be inspired by the layout and design of your working spot at home. You may find it surprising, but sometimes your home turns out to be far more inspirational than the traditional, dull, desk at the office.

(2) While staying at home, you can organize your time in such a way that you can work for your job during those hours when you actually feel and you are most productive – be it 5 AM or midnight. The freedom of arranging your own schedule makes you feel more confident and more dedicated to your job, while it also helps you better manage the periods when you feel more productive.

(3) Diversity in your work is no longer a problem for you, because now you can manage more projects at once without someone nagging you all the time and without the concern you may get caught while joggling with the projects and get a warning for doing so. Needless to say, this benefit counts only when you get things very well-organized and you don’t drop the activity of the company for other projects. You should also be careful not to simultaneously work at too many projects or you may not be able to handle them all.

(4) You’re in your own environment, your personal comfort zone and, therefor, you are more creative. Your usual surroundings can provide a state of serenity for you, as well as relaxation and a sense of freedom, all of which could inspire you to better perform your job.

(5) If you’re not working in the domain you wished for, you thus have the time you needed to get extra-projects in your area of expertise. You can also improve your knowledge in different domains, by taking extra-classes on various subjects or reading more about them.

(6) Working at home allows you to reduce all the transport, outfits and food costs and so on. You don’t have to buy a lot of business outfits anymore, or invest in gas for the drive to work or even eat at the nearest restaurant when you’re at work, just because it’s so close to your office.

(7) Maybe for the parents this should be listed as the first benefit among them all, but the truth is that, if you’re a parent and you choose to work at home, you can spend all day with your child, watch him grow and take care of him when he gets sick. You can be there for him and give him the time, the attention, the love and the confidence he needs to grow and evolve.

(8) You have more time to do the reading and the researching you need without anyone giving you the “Evil Eye” all the time.

(9) You cut down the stress and the annoyance your boss and the other co-workers give you when you’re at the office. Should this be the case, only the fact that your boss crosses the office and walks by your desk may cause you nervosity, tension and stress.

(10) Another benefit is the significant lack of tension caused by your superiours, since they are not physically there with you anymore – that is, if that’s what you feel when you go to the office. You don’t have to look “busy and important” just because the boss dropped in anymore.

(11) The feeling of independence, knowing that you can do anything you like, anytime you like.

(12) There are no more interferences and interruptions in your work anymore. Your direct superiour can no longer constantly verify you over your back, intervening in your activity.

(13) You can definitely pay more attention to rest and sleep more by taking an extra-hour in bed each morning. It’s the hour you needed to get ready for going to work.

(14) You don’t have to waste your time in the mirror each morning anymore, arranging and preparing for work. You can do it later and you can spare a lot more time and attention for it than the rush and the haste it represents in the morning.

(15) You completely eliminate the stress traffic represents nowadays. How many times did you arrive at work already tired and anxious because of the traffic jams, tensions and horns driving involves?

(16) If you’re sick, exhausted or simply have a bad day, you can easily work tucked into the comfort of your sheets, with a cup of tea or an orange fresh next to you. You can remain under the pillow for as much as you like, nobody is going to nag you about it and nobody has to know about it either.

(17) Another benefit is that you have the freedom you need to go wherever you may wish during work-hours. You have your laptop and cell with you, so you can go anywhere. You can thus easily work from the beach, the mountains or any other place you enjoy.

(18) You can go for a walk in the parc in the middle of the day, a luxury you can’t afford when you work at the office. You can enjoy a sunny day without anyone cutting one of your vacation days off.

(19) You don’t have to spend the whole day dressed in a tight and incomfortable office outfit. If you’re a woman, you don’t have to squeeze your feet into high-heels for endless hours anymore.

(20) If you feel like it, you can work in your pyjamas, or any other outfit that you like but couldn’t wear at work.

(21) You can pay a lot more attention to your diet, you can eat healthy home-cooked food and you can have it any time you want or feel hungry. You can also adjust your diet and look out for your weight.


(1) When you work at home, you risk other co-workers getting promoted more quickly than you, due to the fact that they go to the office daily, they get seen by the people in charge of the business, whilst you don’t get to physically interract with you bosses.

(2) Communication may feel incomplete – virtual communication or talking on the phone can’t replace the mimic and gestures you use when you physically interract with someone.

(3) You face the risk of having your subordinates not doing their job as you ask them to.

(4) You also risk not being able to verify your subordinates’ mistakes.

(5) One easily spot drawback working at home implies is that checking on your subordinates may result in a lot more work put in it than before.

(6) Chances are that other members of your famiky may not fully understand that you’re working even if you are at home. Thus, they may start use the vacuum cleaner, turn Tv on or listen to music just when you need your focus more.

(7) If you’re not a good organizer, you risk to lose your time with housework and be unproductive at work.

(8) You may miss interracting with your co-workers, laughing together or warning each other about the boss coming to check up on you, should you have any of these. You may also miss debating on various subjects.

(9) You may feel isolated.

(10) You may attract your co-workers’ envy :).

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Published on: 22 April 2016
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