Infertility and my struggle to business management

So, my story goes like this.. I am an absolutely normal girl and I met a guy atsome point in my life. It didn’t take long and we decided to get married. Which we did. It was a fairytale-like wedding and we had lots of joyful moments together. Everything was perfect. We were both happy and we both wanted a baby. To make sure everything was alright in this “area”, we went to see a doctor and got all our analyses done. The doctors did nothing but reassure us that everything was okay and all we had to do was go for it, sincer there was no problem for us conceiving the baby, in their opinion.

So, we took their advice and tried to have a baby. But things weren’t turning out the way we had planned: a month passed by with no result and then another one and another one. Actually, nine of them, to be precise. Nine months passed by and I still didn’t get pregnant. I was really starting to get worried so I went to see the doctor again. The diagnostic was primary infertility. I can’t begin to describe what I felt…everything around me collapsed. I wished so much for a baby and, yet, I couldn’t have one, I was infertile. A few months passed by again, months full of medical investigations and analyses. All the doctors kept telling me that all the stress I was exposed to and the tiresome activities that actually represented my daily life were the reason I couldn’t get pregnant: they were weakening my organism.

So, I sit back and waited and watched the months go by again without the miracle I was waiting for happening. I then decided to cut out all the stress sources in my life. My great surprise was discovering that it all came down to one stress source: my job. I was working in the sales area so I often had to deal with tight deadlines, handling a lot of money I collected from the customers, aiming for a good feedback from our clients and growing good, solud commercial relationships, and so on. All of this actually meant constant interraction with the clients, nomatter what mood ot state of mind I was in. Add to all this, I had a large portofolio of clients (over 100),  so conflicts were only a matter of time. I tried to stop going over my head whenever the merchandise couldn’t be delivered in  the right time to the clients due to logistic problems, I did my best not to bring their frustrations back home with me anymore, I tried to shorten the endless conversations on the phone and I also tried to better get along with my colleagues at work and not to get upset with their bad feelings towards me. I also did my best to keep my calm and my positive attitude in every conflict I was involved in. Well, it didn’t work out for me at all. I wad still under a lot of stress and there was still a lot of tension for me.

Next thing I did, I talked to my employer about working at home, since I was perfectly able to do my job no matter where I was. I only needed my phone and a laptop connected to the Internet. My boss, who was also my mentor at that time, agreed to my proposal and let me work at home, since he was very satisfied with my activity in the company. A few months passed by again with me working at home, but, sadly enough, the stress level was the same. I had only changed the physical olace I worked from, not the stress source itself.

I went to see the doctor again and he said the same thing: I had to eliminate the stress sources in my life for good. It was March, I started to think a lot about quiting my job, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to pay the bills anymore and so on. I honestly didn’ t have the courage to do it, but I had to. In order to make myself believe it and to get the courage I needed, I started telling my friends I was going to quit the first ofJune. I did this because I knew they would constantly ask me if I quit andso Iwould actually be avle to do it for real, just to prove them I could. And so I did.

The first of June came, my palms were sweaty, I was overwhelmed with emotions, but I went ahead with my resolution. My employer told me that he was extremly happy with my work and he wanted to keep in touch. He also wished me good luck with whatever I was going to do next.

The next 2 weeks that went byI was literally reborn, I was so happy to be simply free and to be able to sleep as much as I wanted to. After the euphoria passed, I started to get a little bit worried  about the financial part. I wasn’t going to get a new job for at least 3 months. I wanted to check if the stress at work was, indeed, the cause of my infertility. Honestly, I didn’t believe the doctors. I was convinced that I had another problem, not stress.

Two weeks later, I kept thinking about the financial part. So, during one of the endless conversations with my cousin – who is just like a sister to me and with whom I share everything – we decided to start a business of our own. She was on maternity leave and  wanted to spend more time with her baby. We started an online marketing business and it came in pretty handy for us, since we were able to establish some contacts and take some clients quite fast from past commercial relations we had. It was more like a test, we were curious to see if we could handle this sort of business and how much of our time it would take. Being both very passionate and dedicated to this project actually made the business work. The few clients we originally had recomended us to their friends and the word spread out so much about us that, as we speak, we can’t take ane new customers because we don’t have the time to handle them. Our primary goal is to offer our clients quality services in order to keep them satisfied. Needless to say, I already make a lot more money thaI did at my ild job, I work significantly less, I organise my time the way I want to and I am very content with that.

Reaching this state, I couldn’t have beenmire surprised when I found out I was pregnant! Only 2 months after I quit, the miracle had happened and I got pregnant! I realised then that stress was, indeed, the cause of my infertility.

Now, I am so happy I had the courage tosay NO, to quit my old job, to get into managing a business and to overcome my own limitations. I had the courage to want something else, to fight for it and to do more than I thought I could! I took a long loom at my life from a different perspective and I succeeded! Now, I am working on growing my business and I can’t wait for my baby girl to be born!

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Published on: 21 November 2015
Posted by: cooblo
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