How to multitask efficiently, with the help of technology

We sometimes see on the streets, behind the wheels or in the public bus, people that use hands-free devices or smartwatches. We often see that as a trifle. They can use their hands, they are not doing anything else, so why would they use a hands-free device for another reason than to talk tall?

Somehow, there are moments when such a gadget is actually a profitable asset for improving personal performance. As we all know, we live in a world of informational speed, where multitasking is an essential condition for any successful corporate CV. An eight-hour program is not enough anymore, for completing all the daily tasks.

Multitasking is about changing your attention fast and focusing on lots of random activities, all at once and the employees who have this “ability” are extremely appreciated by their managers. However, research shows that multitasking is bad for the human brain, because of its long term adverse effects, such as:

  • A 10% intellectual capacity deduction;
  • Attention deficit;
  • Multiple flaws in completing tasks;
  • Spending a longer time in completing an activity.

There are also moments when the key employees of a company have to manage promptly any challenge, in order to unblock the working flux for the other colleagues. Modern technology makes available for us today a large area if products that can help us multitask efficiently:

  • The smartphone is arguably a key element of this process. With its help, we have permanent access to email, at any time and place, project management apps, Google search, docs in multiple formats etc. The car holder for the wheel is offering us a new way of using smartphones in our personal cars. It only takes a few seconds to mount it on the wheel and it’s ideal especially for using navigation apps.
  • In order to have your hands free for driving or for taking notes during a conference, using the hands-free gadgets can be extremely efficient. Our recommendation is the Bluetooth Sony SBH20 Hands-free, because of its minimalist design and its collar mounting system. This gadget can also connect simultaneously to two different mobile phones. Its ray of action is of 10 meters and it can work more than 6 hours. It is compatible with mobile phones and devices which accept the Bluetooth 2.0 standard or an ulterior version, with support, for the Hands-free profiles (HFP) v1.6 (HD ready), Headset (HSP) V1.2 and A2DP.
  • An other fashionable gadget is the Smartwatch, which combines the elegance of a business watch with the features of a Smartphones. Bluetooth Sony SmartWatch 2 permits fast and efficient visualization of messages and direct initialization of calls. Ideal for an active lifestyle, this Smartwatch is also water, dust and scratching resistant. Furthermore, the Runtastic app makes fitness exercises easier and funner because of its UI/user interface, specially adapted for the SmartWatch 2.

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Published on: 18 June 2015
Posted by: cooblo
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