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Professional reorientation

It’s time for professional re-orientation

I don’t know about you guys or how things go nowadays, but back in my days (I was born in the 80s), we used to have a psychologist’s visit when we reached 8th grade in secondary school. His “mission” was to provide professional guidance for us so that we could choose our future career according […]

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Published on: 17 February 2016
Posted by: Elena Cecilia Zarea
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How to multitask efficiently, with the help of technology

We sometimes see on the streets, behind the wheels or in the public bus, people that use hands-free devices or smartwatches. We often see that as a trifle. They can use their hands, they are not doing anything else, so why would they use a hands-free device for another reason than to talk tall? Somehow, […]

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Published on: 18 June 2015
Posted by: cooblo
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Love in the office

The perks and traps of dating a co-worker

You get this amazing job and enjoy every ounce of it. The tasks, the strict-but-not-crazy deadlines, the environment, the activities, the co-workers…everything. As the time passes, you get to notice a specific person that gets your attention more than the rest. You got to hear all those stories about how wrong office flings are and […]

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Published on: 29 March 2015
Posted by: Clara Jewel
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