7 essential skills of the future entrepreneur

Are you tired of having to depend on an inflexible schedule, on your bosses, on your co-workers and on the limited number of days off? Are you determined to do more than this and start a business of your own? In order to have a successful start on your new goal, we have prepared for […]

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Published on: 25 May 2016
Posted by: cooblo

The sport that added great value to my business network

Hi there! My name is Cosmin Cimpoeru. I’m a young man with quite some experience in the sales market for my age. It’s been a few years now since I’ve focused my activity in birotics and stationery. I’ve managed to establish some solid business relationships by now and I’ve got some good customers. Things are […]

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Published on: 23 May 2016
Posted by: Cosmin Cimpoeru
lucratul de acasa

Working from home: benefits and drawbacks

Are you wondering if it’s better for you to be working from home? Would it be more comfortable, would it reduce your stress level and your exhaustion? Would you thus be able to spend more time with your child? Are you facing such a decision and don’t know what to choose? In order to make […]

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Published on: 22 April 2016
Posted by: Ruxandra Cimpoeru
Professional reorientation

It’s time for professional re-orientation

I don’t know about you guys or how things go nowadays, but back in my days (I was born in the 80s), we used to have a psychologist’s visit when we reached 8th grade in secondary school. His “mission” was to provide professional guidance for us so that we could choose our future career according […]

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Published on: 17 February 2016
Posted by: Elena Cecilia Zarea

Infertility and my struggle to business management

So, my story goes like this.. I am an absolutely normal girl and I met a guy atsome point in my life. It didn’t take long and we decided to get married. Which we did. It was a fairytale-like wedding and we had lots of joyful moments together. Everything was perfect. We were both happy […]

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Published on: 21 November 2015
Posted by: cooblo

#BusinessLifeLesson no. 1

About three weeks ago, we took a client in the music industry, a singer to be precise. To cut a long story short, we had to do online promoting for an unkown singer and to turn her into a star. We fell in love with the task on spot, because it was a totally new […]

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Published on: 7 November 2015
Posted by: cooblo

How to multitask efficiently, with the help of technology

We sometimes see on the streets, behind the wheels or in the public bus, people that use hands-free devices or smartwatches. We often see that as a trifle. They can use their hands, they are not doing anything else, so why would they use a hands-free device for another reason than to talk tall? Somehow, […]

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Published on: 18 June 2015
Posted by: cooblo
Love in the office

The perks and traps of dating a co-worker

You get this amazing job and enjoy every ounce of it. The tasks, the strict-but-not-crazy deadlines, the environment, the activities, the co-workers…everything. As the time passes, you get to notice a specific person that gets your attention more than the rest. You got to hear all those stories about how wrong office flings are and […]

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Published on: 29 March 2015
Posted by: Clara Jewel

Discover the ultimate – Employee Pocket Motivator

You did everything you could to motivate your employees? Nothing worked and now you have run out of ideas? We invite you to try the Ultimate Employee Pocket Motivator: Step 1. Download the mock-up on your PC; Step 2. Print it on a A4 paper (use thicker paper, of 150g or more); Step 3. Cut out […]

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Published on: 18 March 2015
Posted by: cooblo